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mercoledì 9 agosto 2017

Woman Without Love - Elvis Presley

AUTORE: Jerry Chesnut. RUNNING TIME: 3’34”. DATA DI REGISTRAZIONE: 12 marzo 1975. STUDIO: C della RCA, Hollywood, California. TAKE SCELTA PER IL MASTER: numero 1.

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  1. You look on my Facebook Channel "ELVIS By KatiaTcb"

  2. Thanks, Katia.
    A great video.

    Woman Without Love

    Her eyes tell the story so well
    She tries hard to hide
    So little expected
    Too often neglected,
    A woman stripped of her pride

    Always so careful not to cry
    Not till I fall asleep
    And there in the silence
    She lies with a tear on her cheek

    The thought comes to mind
    That I've failed somehow
    For things I can't quite recall

    A man without love is only half a man
    But a woman is nothing at all

  3. Thank you dear Stephen, you are always welcome!



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